Founder’s Story

My neriname is Erin Friedlieb. I have been experiencing anxiety for most of my life. I know, it sucks! Most people did not even realize that I had anxiety. But I was suffering in silence. I did not have any idea of what to do. I knew that I did not want to tell anyone because I did not think that they would understand, and even worse, judge me for it. I tried to be strong, and figured eventually this feeling would go away. Boy was I wrong! It just seemed to be getting worse. It began to affect all aspects of my life.

I knew I needed to do something about it and soon. However, I was not sure where to begin. So I decided to do some research. The only thing that did for me was scare the hell out of me. I ended up thinking I had most of the anxiety disorders as well as feeling even more anxious and overwhelmed. I was not off to a great start, but I knew that I was sick and tired of feeling this way. I kept going and I found a lot of great resources. I tried everything from anxiety medications to reading books to every “anxiety-reducing” product out there. Some worked and some of them were definitely not for me.

I learned through the process that different resources worked at different times. There was and is not one solution that just makes anxiety go away. Trust me, I wish that there was one. But everyone can find ways to lessen their anxiety. Unfortunately, we cannot predict life and the anxieties it can bring about, but we can have ways in which we interrupt these moments of anxiety by creating ways to lessen and handle it. I have learned throughout the years how to manage my anxiety. I wanted to share ways that were helpful for me, and can be for you. This is why I created Anxiety Interrupted.

Anxiety Interruption was founded on the concept that we experience anxiety at times throughout our life that can become overwhelming. It can affect our lives to the point that we are not able to live life to our fullest potential in a happy and healthy way. Due to this fact, it is important that we learn ways that allow us to interrupt and lessen this anxiety. These go-to-tools will assist us in getting through anxious and difficult times.

In addition, this journey, into understanding how to navigate and manage anxiety, will allow you guys to figure out what works and what does not work. Subsequently, you will have the support of myself and others to lean on during this process. The goal of Anxiety Interrupted is to build a community of support from others that can relate to your difficulties, and to help each other through a variety of resources, throughout this unpredictable phenomenon we call life. We know it is not always easy or fair, but we can make this life what we want it. Let’s come together, share, learn, cry, and laugh together as a group of beautifully, messy individuals